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Jogue Gratis para sempre Mu Online Nacional, servidor dedicado Brasileiro!
Autor: ThaylorMello
ExTeam Season 4 Ep. 6,Old Developmen/Custom


 Um ótimo MuServer , apto para aplicar Online com diversos comandos e customs ,  com um exelente desempenho e baixo consumo de CPU ,contem  correções no    Servidor e Cliente.

 Um dos mais cobiçados projetos Season 4 entre administradores Mu Online! 
 Para saber mais e efetuar o download dos arquivos, leia a matéria completa!

Bom galera da AprendizMu trago ate voces o MuServer da ExTeam Season 4 Episode 6 com todas as funcões da temporada e custom , tambem segue link para download do Patch com itens .


[ExTeam Introduction]

- 3 new stone
- Jewel Of Exellent
- Jewel Of Luck
- Jewel Of Divinity - sharpens jewelry
- Game system reset / reset
- Games Grand reset system / grandreset
- Offline trade for Zen, ExPoints, WCoin. / offzen, / offexpoint, / offwcoin
- Global Alert in the opening of a new store offline nickname dealer Online and coordinates
- Offline Leveling / offafk
- Game quest system

[Wings 2.5 level]
-Jewel Of Chaos
-Jewel Of Creation
-Loch's Feather
-Exellent Items +9 +4 add
-Wings 2 level +9 + 4add
-5000000 zen
The probability of successful cooking 60%

[Wings Level 4]
-Jewel Of Chaos
-Jewel Of Creation
-Crystel Of Condor
-30x Jewel Of Bless
-30x Jewel Of Soul
-Exellent Items +9 + 4add
-Wings 3 level +9 + 4add
-25000000 Zen
The probability of successful cooking 40%



- Reduced the CPU load
- Smoothing
- 3D Camera (End - On / Off, Home - Restore)
- An hour (Delete - On / Off)
- Emulator combat mode (page down - On / Off)
- HP Bar - the band lives opponent (page up - On / Off)
- Chat separately from experience
- It Mists
- Activate the skills to siege
- Mini Card
- Dynamic system to gain experience on reset
- Customize drop Xena on the cards
- Added a reward for reset - ExPoint
- Added an option to ring in the center of Laura
- Added a PvP setting on cards
- Setting up sales of all items in the store for Zen 0
- Added Manager prices to sell things in store
- Limit the transmission Exellent options through trade, personal shop and sell in a normal shop
- Team reboot ExTeam folder for Admin - "/ exreload"
- Greeting Player
- Pumping master skills Offline
- Correction of visual bugs
- Complete Fix bug attack speed (Full Speed bug fixed)
- Added Avanta clicker in client







Utilizem Hex Editor para editar o Main.exe ou programa PentiumTools
SERIAL: Td4e8UtYvLo90zZd
Version: 22656


- Fix teleport new wings in kanturu event!JwRWiDzK!t_AK8jz0enBqKGyIrCk74a4826mppXlY_UG44aDLdBM


Download do Server+Cliente+patch com new itens:

MuServer :!l0Ug3RoI!q4KmogwBFBugoBprnFigxxHe_YQND3MEwVFTZYKhLSE


Cliente :!Ml8lRQSa!gdJU21FP93DAsv3D-eoJmse3PnXBvYy8LkrXm3Gnbcc


Patch com novos Itens :!J00jxQIZ!O_7fXFdUPK-Pt9fODLhAw65IBgp0DzmKbmbolsmwne8

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